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  1. Day 1: Monday, Sep 30
  2. Day 2: Tuesday, Oct 1

At , Welcome & Announcements

At , Tim Kadlec will speak about Outside Looking In

Over the past several years, there has been a lot of conversation about how performance impacts key business metrics, but that's not all that's at stake. As sites grow heavier, using more JavaScript and images than ever, it's not just the business that feels the effects. Spotty networks, cheap devices, accessible tech and more struggle to handle the increasing demands we place on them. If we're not careful, the people down the street and around the world who rely on those technologies will be left out entirely.

In this talk well explore performance outside the bubble and what we can do to make sure that we're not leaving people on the outside looking in.

At , David Dylan Thomas will speak about Design for Cognitive Bias

Users' minds take shortcuts to get through the day. We call these cognitive biases. Usually they’re harmless. Even helpful. But what happens when they’re not? In this talk I’ll use real-world examples to identify some particularly nasty biases that frequently lead users to make bad decisions. I'll then talk about some content strategy and design choices we can use in our apps, designs, and platforms to redirect or eliminate the impact of those biases. Finally, I'll explore our own biases as designers and some methods to prevent our own blind spots from hurting users.

At , Chris Ferdinandi will speak about The Lean Web

Front end development has gotten a lot more complicated. Preprocessors, package managers, command line tools, CSS-in-JS, the never-ending stream of JS Frameworks… it’s exhausting.

But there’s a simpler way!

In this talk, Chris explores how modern best practices are making it harder to build things for the web. You’ll learn new approaches and techniques that you can use to more easily build modern, engaging websites and web apps… without all of the cruft. All you need is a web browser and a text editor.

At , Lunch

At , Kim Williams will speak about #designsystems

At , Jason Grigsby will speak about Designing Progressive Web Apps

If you have a website—particularly one that generates revenue for your organization—you need a Progressive Web App. So where do you begin? How do you decide which features of a Progressive Web App make sense for your users? What tools can make the process easier (or harder)? In this practical session, Jason will guide you through the key design decisions you’ll need to make about your Progressive Web App and how those decisions impact the scope of your project. He'll also teach you how to avoid common pitfalls and help you take full advantage of Progressive Web App technology.

At , Sarah Drasner will speak about SVG Will Save Us

SVGs are one of the most underutilized technologies on the web. They can be the most performant, flexible, and accessible image formats. In this session, Sarah will cover a few practical things like styling SVG icons like typography, and then dive into the creative wilds of this graphic format built with math. She'll make it respond to physics, make it bounce and snap, and make it interactive with front-end frameworks like Vue.js and React. In this session Sarah will push the boundaries of what's possible while also thinking about cross-browser stability, and you'll come out of it with a whole new world of tools in your front-end developer toolbox.

At , Brad Frost will give the Closing Keynote

Brad will put a nice bow on the Artifact Conference before we say goodbye, and if we know Brad, he'll share some wisdom about design systems too.