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Designer + Developer Collaboration Workflow with Brad Frost and Dan Mall

Are you tired of throwing comps over the metaphorical wall and seeing the details lost in the actual build? Do you hate receiving unrealistic designs and having no time to build them or even ask questions about them? There are better ways to make digital products.

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Brad Frost & Dan Mall

Design for Developers with Sarah Drasner

Sometimes it seems like designing is an unlearnable skill, or that if you’re a developer, you might not be able to learn it because it’s a different discipline. Luckily, designing has rules just like development does — rules that can be understood both in theory and in practice!

In this workshop, learn to how to become self-sufficient for the entire process of execution from concept to design to implementation. This workshop is also ideal for those that want to be a better collaborator to their design counterparts, and better able to execute the creation of complex and beautiful Frontend experiences.

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Sarah Drasner